Is Panto Glide also suitable for outdoor use in garden, on patio, etc.?
Panto Glide is only suitable for use inside on smooth surfaces. Panto Glide Outdoor, a weatherproof version of the Panton Chair slide for use outside is currently in testing phase and will be available soon.
What can I do to increase the durability of Panto Glide ?
– Let the Panto Glide glue apply for at least 24 hours before using the Panton Chair. Thus its optimal adhesive power can develop.
– Avoid the contact of Panto Glide with any kind of of humidity.
– As every felt pad Panto Glide slips out of place by any form of tipping on the skid.
Fits Panto Glide on Panton Chair Copies?
Panto Glide has only been tested on the vitra Panton Chair from Polypropylene material. For other modification, therefore, no guarantee or warranty can be given.
Panto Glide and humidity?
Two things that should never come together. Like all felt pads Panto Glide loses its function when it get’s wet. When wiping the chair always has to be put on the table and lift off again only when the floor is completely dry. Be careful with tiles – their joints have to be completely dry.